Starting my Own Web Design Business

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The first word that pops into my head is scary!…..Yes that’s right…..scary!!!.

There comes a time, after spending a few years of your life deciding on what your business idea is going to be, that idea either fades or becomes your reality

I decided for this reality to be Web design.

Then It’s suddenly replaced with, questions like, what if this does not work ?, what if no one is interested in my business?, I have invested all this Capital and now what?, How do I market this business?. Fear can be crippling I tell you!. Ask me I know. I have experienced this myself.

Then you realize whilst having a shower that its actually just you that’s working yourself up, and filling your head up with these negative thoughts!.

That’s when you have this lightbulb moment.

You stop and smile, grey skies change to blue and that rainbow of hope replaces the negativity. Don’t get me wrong, you have to ask yourself those questions. They are important parts of planning your business and having a vision.

However when they start consuming you and leaves no space for why you wanted to start it in the first place, you’ve got to stop yourself and take a step or two back sometimes.

What I have learnt is that, just jump right in, don’t listen to the voices that say what you don’t want to hear.

If you know in your heart that this is what you want and I am going to make it work no matter what…………..then chances are they will!.

You will make it happen. Put in the effort of a Tsunami driving force and by hell or high water you will succeed!

That’s exactly what I have decided…………I want to design websites……….because I have always loved design, I truly believe that if you love doing something chances are you will succeed and also be great at it!.

Having finally found something that excites me enough to take the leap, and I know that over time and consistent effort, a few years from now, I will be sitting on my deck, drinking a hot cup of coffee with a silly smile on my face, and a voice in my head that says ” Shoo!, I cannot believe I have made it this far!”

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