I’m  Corine

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So I guess you would like to know who Corine is?  …..Well here goes!….  I started off as a Fashion Designer, then went on to study Retail Buying and long story short, spent the next 21 years ( Gosh its been a while!) working in Retail.

So it would be safe to say that I am an expert on Customer Experience ….

I know from  my own personal experience that you would prefer an affordable web design package, without all the Techno jargon that goes with it.

I also know that you want someone who can deliver a service in the agreed timeframe.

 A good working relationship with your designer and consistent feedback on how your Website is progressing is crucial.

Well I can deliver all this!, with confidence…………Take a look at my Website and contact me………….Lets do business!


So you have decided that you need a website?….

You are in the right place and thank you for visiting my site, this is what I have on offer

I am offering you a Website using WordPress as the CMS ( Content Management System) where I will Create,  Edit and Publish a fully functional website instead of using code. Contact me for more info.

I will assist you in acquiring a Domain and Hosting package…..its easy to do. I will take you through this process step by step……this is sooooo easy!…..I recommend Godaddy and WordPress hosting.

After your Website is launched we need to ensure that it is regularly maintained so that it runs smoothly all the time, its searchable, fast and always has a steady Visitor base.

Find a Plan!

Scroll down to Pricing to see what you're getting, or contact me for much more detail


These are ballpark figures of what to expect, I am able to give you a customised package depending on what you want


R 945 / Per page
  • 1 page/section @ R945
  • 2 pages/section @ R1690
  • 3 pages/sections & more @ R795 a page


From R 59 /Per month
  • Domain Name @ R79 p/mnt
  • Wordpress Hosting will full Privacy & Protection, SSL
  • Includes Professional Email


R 199 / Per month
  • This would include minor design changes, layout changes & plugin updates


What is WordPress ?

WordPress in a nutshell is the most user friendly way to create Websites or Blogs. It powers over 40% of all websites on the internet.

How do I go about securing a Domain name?

From experience I use Godaddy which is an absolute user friendly site where you can check Domain name availability and where its easy to set up an account with your payment options, as its a secure site. Godaddy sends you a receipt and notifies you about renewals, which is automatically debited from your account either monthly or yearly. The Client is responsible for this. I will assist you through this process…..Super easy!

Should I go with .co.za or .com ?

Its really up to you to choose.  .Com is usually for international websites who want to portray a certain impression and .co.za is said to be ideal for local businesses and individuals. Personally I like the sound of .com so hence that was my choice 🙂

What is a Domain Name ?

The easiest way to explain this to you is that a Domain name is actually your website’s address on the internet…….easy peasy !

What is Web Hosting ?

So basically Web Hosting is a service that is offered online that enables you to publish your Website on the internet. So in actual fact you are renting some space on a server where you are able to store all your files so that your website works properly.

Why do I need consistent maintenance on my site?

Your website is your online presence. If your website is out of date you may lose visitors and sales.  If your website does not work properly, potential visitors may click away from your site, that’s definitely what we do not want!. Regular maintenance also keeps cyber attackers away, now that’s definitely what we do want!



073 670 6593

Westriding, Hillcrest, 3610

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday
09:00 am – 17:00 pm
Sunday – Closed


For all service enquires, please fill out the form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
I will be happy to answer all of your questions so that your journey to the Web is a memorable one!


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Hey there!, great to see you!….You have popped up at the right time!…..starting today a Page/Section will only cost you R799….offer runs until the end of April 2022